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Aquapups Swim Information

Swim your dog for fun and exercise in Charlotte’s first and largest public, heated, and indoor pool. We've got 26 feet x 18 feet worth of water for splashing, playing and swimming alone or with friends!

Water hygiene

To ensure high standards of hygiene, our water management system filters, heats and sanitizes the water through a circulation pump, a specially designed in-line electric heater and a high-rate sand filter system.

Is your dog just learning to swim or in need of a little support? 

Doggy life vests are available for use.

Things to keep in mind

You will get wet! After all, you are at the pool, so dress accordingly.

Please note that only Aquapups staff members are allowed inside of the pool with the dogs while they swim but you are welcome to watch and snap photos.

Swimming eligibility

If your dog is healthy (no lameness, weakness or other physical issues) they are eligible for recreational swimming.

If your dog has had surgery recently (within the last eight months), has mobility issues (weakened by injury or old age) or other health issues, we will require a veterinarian’s clearance prior to using our recreational pool. This screening is for the safety of your dog.

Our pool is not to be used for therapy. If your dog is compromised in any way, please call to schedule an evaluation to obtain clearance prior to using the recreational pool. Please contact us if you have any questions as to whether your dog is eligible. 

Ready to get splashing?

Please call to schedule a time for your first visit for orientation and refer to our pool rules before visiting. See Pool Rules below for more information on orientation. After the first orientation visit, no appointment is necessary for unassisted Group Swim times.

Pool Rules

Like all public pools, we must have rules to ensure safety and enjoyment for all. Before visiting, please take the time to familiarize yourself with our pool rules under the Pool Rules menu tab.

There is an initial visit orientation swim fee ($30 per dog). Please call to schedule your orientation visit. After your first visit, there is a per/dog swim fee or you can purchase an Aquapups Swim Club membership. 

Pool Parties

Schedule your own doggie swimming party and meet friends, have food, and swim your dog and your friends' dogs. It's a surefire way to make everyone happy! The cost of party rental depends on your needs, schedule and space requirements.