Pool Rules

Pool Rules

We have a lot of fun here at AquaPups but there are rules to follow.
Aquapups requires all our canine visitors to be vaccinated for Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella. This is for the safety of all dogs visiting Independence Veterinary Clinic and The Spa at IVC.                                       


Aquapups pool is for recreational use, NOT therapy. Dogs with recent surgery, injuries, or other health concerns will be asked to leave.                                    



Please feed your dog several hours before swimming or several hours after swimming. It is very important that you walk your dog and take him/her out to our potty area BEFORE entering our pool.


You must take your dog out to the "restroom" before entering the pool, and every 10 - 15 minutes while swimming. Repeated accidents in the pool may result in a pool ban for your dog.


You must sign-in/scan your member card before swimming your dog.


Do not enter the gated pool area without permission from Aquapups representative.


All dogs MUST BE ON LEASH when outside the gated pool area. Retractable leashes are NOT allowed.


You are totally and completely responsible for the care, conduct and actions of your dog! This includes your dog's interaction with other dogs. Please attend to your dogs at ALL times.


During Group Swim our pool is available on a first-come-first-serve basis. We generally try to keep the limit to no more than 5 dogs at a time in the pool (although this depends on age, size, maturity, experience in pool).


Children must be under parental control at all times and may not get into the pool with a dog.

Aquapups personnel will ask overly aggressive dogs and/or owners to either take a time-out or to leave the premises. - If your dog is cranky or has a lot of doggy personality, please ask for assistance from an Aquapups representative. Your dog may need Private Swim time.

Incontinent dogs are not permitted in Aquapups pools for health reasons.


NO RUNNING BY HUMANS on deck or around pools.