Woofin' Workout

Too many treats got your pet weighed down? Let us help your dog lose weight and get back to a healthy lifestyle doing what they love!

Maintaining a healthy weight and getting adequate exercise is just as important to dogs as it is to us 2-legged folks, helping to increase energy levels, decrease risk for disease and high blood pressure, and reduce chances of joint and bone injuries. If your dog struggles with its weight, taking the steps to help it lose weight can not only improve its overall health, but happiness too! 
What can you do to help your dog achieve its New Year’s weight loss resolution?

Easy, join our Woofin’ Workout program! This tailored weight loss program includes:

  • Evaluation by a veterinarian to assess current fitness and nutrition 
  • Owner guided goals for dog’s fitness journey both in the clinic and at home
  • Institute a diet plan with your dog’s current food or with a prescription diet
  • Weekly weigh-ins, goal tracking and plan adjustments to fit your dog’s specific needs
  • Access to an underwater treadmill and recreational pool on site 
Wondering how your dog can get started with Woofin’ Workouts?

It’s simple! Contact the clinic and we will set up an initial visit. During the initial visit, we will do an in-depth evaluation of your pet’s body condition score (BCS), muscle condition score (MCS), current fitness level, lifestyle, and thorough discussion of goals. 

  • Cost: The initial examination fee is $100 and gives us all the information we need to create a unique workout program for your very special pup! 
How often will your dog be sweatin’ with Woofin’ Workouts?

One month enrollment of Woofin’ Workouts includes 12 in-person exercise sessions, consisting of three sessions per week for four weeks. The results? Most dogs reach their optimum weight in 3-6 months depending on their current health and weight! 

  • Cost: We offer this innovative weight loss program for $300 a month
Let’s start working!

Your sweet pup will love Woofin’ Workouts just as much as you’ll love seeing the amazing results! Call Independence Veterinary Clinic today to start your pet on a healthy track this year.